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Every now and then I stick the words Sustainable and Cyclist in Google to see what comes up besides this site. Today, Sustainable Cycling popped up! This is a race team out of Indiana that had 14 wins this past season! It makes me very happy to see these guys doing their part. Maybe I can convince them to buy a fleet of used steel bikes for their next race, or maybe wool jerseys! One step at a time. Here is a quote from their mission page:

“Sustainable Cycling will strive to be the most dominant amateur cycling team in the state of Indiana. Our program will focus on developing our elite riders into the most competitive, cohesive category 3 cycling team centered around sportsmanship and teamwork.

Sustainable Cycling will not only strive to advance the sport of cycling, but we will also promote environmental sustainability through our carbon-neutral initiative and local environmental projects. We will set a positive image for fellow cyclists by identifying constructive ways to influence our environmental surroundings.

Sustainable Cycling will uphold the obligations to our sponsors by acting as “live” marketing tools to spread brand awareness during training and racing events. We will maintain close ties with sponsors to ultimately help them achieve their goals through this venture.”

I really do hope these guys continue to win. It brings awareness to the fact that the cycling industry has a long way to go. If I lived in Indiana, I would be at the first 2010 race to meet these guys. If you do live in Indiana and want to cover this team for the The Sustainable Cyclist in the 2010 season, please Contact Us. For now, I’ll give them a link and try to check in every now and then. Go Sustainable Cyclist!!!

Here is their logo:

Sustainable Cycling

Sustainable Cycling Race Team



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The Sustainable Cyclist is looking for writers and researchers. We can’t pay you anything, but we can give you a short bio and link to your personal webpage. If you meet the following requirements (its not the tough) contact me by either contacting me, or leaving a comment.

The tough requirements:

1. You ride a bicylce on a farely regualr basis.

2. You are support of progress to a more sustainable bicycle industry.

Here are just some of the topics we intend to look into. This list is not exhaustive, and abviously doesn’t include topics YOU want to look into: Bike Helmets and the Envirnment, Lubes and Cleaners – what should I use as a sustainable cyclist?, STI and Ridelocal.org, Do cyclists care about sustainability?, Alternate frame materials, Mountain Equipment Coop, Cane Creek, Component Compatability, Human Resources Overseas, The Community Bicycle Shop, Product Reviews, Park vs. Pedros, Recycled tires – feasibility, methods, PVC – Its bad, yet everywhere, Chrome – whats the deal?, etc.

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If you ride at night, you need lights. For an energy source, your options once were limited to batteries, dynamo, or Dynohub. Now we can include the Sun! Dynamo’s and dynohubs are great because your light is human powered, just like your bike. This is fantastic! The only problem is that in order to retrofit a bike with a Dynohub you either have to have it laced to your front rim, or buy a whole new wheel.

Dynamo for a bicycle

Dynamo for a bicycle

A typical Dynohub

A typical Dynohub

If you want to go the dynamo route, you have to take on some friction while you ride.  Also If you just need lights on your road bike for an evening ride dynamos are not very practical. When you go for that fast ride on the weekends do you want the extra weight of a dynohub or the extra friction of a dynamo? Most riders choose the battery powered lights when decision time comes.
Batteries can be grouped into the groups “rechargeable” and “not rechargeable“. The rechargeable ones suck energy from your wall (unless you have one of these) and the “not rechargeable” batteries go right to the recycle bin (or trash!) so you can go buy new ones.

Now there is another option. Cateye has come out with a light that is solar powered! Just in case, it has a backup battery, but from reading the description you can get 6 hours of light time (flashing) on a fully charged solar battery! The only issue I see with this is that in order to charge it, one must ride with it during the day, or leave it out in the sun during the day. That’s a small price to pay in order to light your way using the power of the sun.

You can go to Cateye’s site to read more about it. They say it is available in October, so you should be able to get one now. They are $60, which I believe to be very reasonable.

If you happen to get your hands on one and want to write a review, please let me know!

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If your into urban planning, and/or civil engineering, and/or bicycles as sustainable travel, you will get exited about this new tool!!!! Go ahead and open up the PDF. You’ll be glad you did!!!

"The summary guide provides an overview of the key research findings from the study, and also introduces practitioners to the more detailed coverage found on this website and in the background technical report. It explains the broad challenges involved in using spatial planning to achieve sustainable travel, with a focus on strategic issues and solutions."


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I’ve been getting great articles these days all about cycling advocacy and making our streets more livable. I"ll do my best to share what I feel are the most important. Here is the first one:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

World Streets Short Takes: Stealing from pedestrians

"One of my great interests is time reallocation in an urban system. All I mean by this is that when I walk across parts of London which I do most weeks it is quite clear that the amount of time I stand still and do not move as traffic hurtles past is very large. I estimate it is about 50% of my journey time. That means that even in a congestion charge best practice world my time is being stolen to reward drivers with time savings. I want the theft halted and the system re-prioritised to reward pedestrians and cyclists."
– John Whitelegg, Editor, World Transport Policy and Practice

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Post by Email test

I’m setting up post by email. Lets see how this works.

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McGivern Cyclery

You may have noticed (or more likely you didn’t) that I haven’t posted in awhile. Well, I’ve been busy trying to establish myself in my new home town of Monterey CA as a bicycle mechanic. I’ve put together a shop in my garage, and have been doing tune ups and repairs almost every day. Along with this, I’ve started another site that I intend to use for the business. I’ll keep The Sustainable Cyclist going, but it will be a bit longer between posts since I am only one man. Feel free to visit McGivern Cyclery and read about updates with my shop. I’ll also have some used bikes for sale, so if your in the Monterey area and looking for a bike, I may be able to help you out.

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